Welcome to JivePlay

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Worthing’s premier Modern Jive Wednesday evening venue with your hosts Alex Cumbers & Stacey Marley.

We took over the club from Dance Infinity in mid January 2016 and have greatly enjoyed this new dance journey so far, providing your entertainment with a range of classes with great teachers and music.

We are looking to expand the variety of classes on offer by bringing in additional guest teachers, providing a range of workshops and keeping up to date with the latest music.

Alex has been dancing over fifteen years, and enjoys the smooth, slotted dance style style with a West Coast Swing influence. Initially learning from Julian Hansford of Evolution Dance, he went on to attend hundreds of workshops with some of the best UK teachers, many classes by Nigel & Nina, including excellent standard of dancing at a great London club in Ealing called Hipsters, and many dance weekenders. He then began working with Colleen O’Brien of Dance Infinity to demonstrate, teach & DJ various events.

Stacey has been dancing for about 10 years, and also has a love of the smooth and slotted West Coast Swing style of Modern Jive. Like Alex, Stacey learnt initially from Julian Hansford before attending a range of generalised and specialist workshops delivered by various well known Modern Jive teachers. She went on to work for with Paul Witheyman of JustJive and began teaching at beginner level, but it wasn't long before Stacey progressed to deliver exciting and inspiring intermediate classes. Stacey then worked for Colleen O'Brien at the prestigious Assembly Halls, regularly delivering Beginner and Intermediate classes to a large group of dancers and became a well known face for Modern Jive along the south coast.

We bring the smooth stylish version of Modern Jive to the fore helping beginners develop their dancing skills and make new friends.

We hope you enjoy your dancing as much as we do & look forward to seeing you on the dance floor soon.

Alex and Stacey