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JivePlay Workshops

JivePlay offer a variety of weekend dance workshops for all abilities, led by qualified teachers, designed to rapidly develop your dancing and to enhance your confidence on the social dance floor.

Workshops are 3-4 hours in duration, providing a relaxed learning environment and are held regularly throughout the year. Modern Jive Beginner and Improver workshops enable you to develop your core dance technique along with a set of smooth, dynamic moves. Specialist workshops enable you to broaden your dance experience by exploring related dance styles.

We strive to balance the number of leaders and followers with a limited number of places available to ensure an optimal learning environment. You do not need a partner to attend and experienced dance crew are on hand to help. Advanced booking and payment is required to secure your place

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This Modern Jive workshop is suitable for absolute beginners and those fairly new to dancing. Each session provides a solid technical foundation including the basic handhold, connection, footwork, turns, spins while maintaining basic rhythm. This technique is developed while learning various foundation moves.

Completing one or more sessions will solidify your technique, improve your ability to link moves together and participate on the social dance floor. You'll receive a dance moves card which allows you to gauge progress while providing a useful reminder.



This Modern Jive workshop bridges the gap between beginner and intermediate levels. Ideally you will have attended at least 6-8 evening classes or a beginner’s workshop, and can dance in time with the music.

We explore a range of variations on the foundation moves and introduce a number of improver / intermediate moves, tailored to suit the class. We also experiment with different musical tempos, footwork patterns, improved partner connection, and musicality.

Completing one or more sessions will enhance your confidence on the social dance floor, improve lead & follow technique and enable you to enjoy intermediate level classes.



Specialist workshops assume you are already comfortable on the social dance floor. Broaden your dance experience in the following areas:

Blues is a slower dance style with a closer partner connection which can be adopted when the music slows down or the beat drops out.

Jango introduces Tango moves into your Modern Jive, providing great partner connection and elegant footwork.

Swing Jive
This style introduces techniques and specific moves allowing you to adapt to faster music.

Advanced Jive
A challenging modern jive workshop to develop your dancing further.

Dips & Drops
Spice up your dancing by safely introducing dips, drops, leans.

Adapt your dancing to changes in the music and learn a set of moves to fit various musical patterns.

Improve the look & feel of your dancing and enhance the style of your movement.


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All our Workshops are gender balanced and with restricted numbers to ensure the optimal learning environment. To book your place on the next Workshop, please use our booking form above or call Stacey on 07861 464 738. Booking is only confirmed after payment received.