Join a dance class today and enter a new social world, building a new skill and the easiest way to keep fit.

Dance Classes at Davison's School

A perfect environment for social dancing

Davison's School has a large dance floor space ample for 100+ people.

Easy access & free parking facilities next to the venue. Entrance is on the left hand, opposite the leisure centre, through the diner.

Tuesday's from 7:45pm

Davison's School
Selborne Rd
BN11 2JU

Accelerate your learning by joining a dance workshop

Dance Workshops at Goring Conservative Club

A perfect environment for learning

The Conservative Club has a wooden dance floor and includes a fully licenced bar.

Easy access & free parking facilities directly opposite the venue.

Next workshops available on workshops page

Goring Conservative Club
49 Mulberry Lane
BN12 4RA