‘But it’s just a School Hall…’

By News

I often hear dancers talking about what makes a good venue for dancing, and School Halls are often put at the bottom of the list! Why? Who knows!

Maybe it’s because it brings back memories of days gone by that would rather be forgotten! Or maybe it conjures up images of gruelling rules and regulations, which let’s face it, we all want to escape! Or maybe its simply because School Halls make you think of the noisy chaos of hundreds of children! Arghhh! But, when the children go home and the teachers have finished work for the day, these venues really come into their own!

When asked what makes a good dance venue, the top two aspects dancers often report to want are; a large, smooth, well maintained dance floor and on-site/nearby parking. And School-based venues provide both of these!

Davisons High School in Worthing is one such venue. It has a spacious main hall, laid wall to wall with a beautifully smooth dance floor. The dance floor is also fully refurbished every year to keep it in the best possible condition, making it ideal for dancing. Plus it has the much desired free on-site parking, as well as great transports links by both bus and rail too making it accessible for those who don’t drive.

And that’s not all! It also has a full stage, to enable dancers to clearly see classes from wherever they are in the room, plus a separate dining & refreshment area where dancers can relax and take a break when they want to. There is also air conditioning in the main hall for those hot sweaty summer nights, along with fabulous sound and lighting arrangements.

In fact, Davisons High School is such a fantastic venue with ideal facilities that as well as JivePlay, 3 other independent dance companies use it for their weekly dance classes and events!

So if you’ve ever thought ‘it’s just a School Hall’, believe us when we say it’s not. It’s where magic happens!… Why not come and see for yourself.