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About JivePlay

A warm welcome from JivePlay

JivePlay is an independent Modern Jive dance organisation in Worthing, West Sussex. We run classes, freestyle events, dance workshops and private lessons.

We are raising awareness of Modern Jive on the south coast and encouraging more people to learn this great form of social partner dance.

Jive Play
JivePlay promote a slotted and graceful form of Modern Jive, coupled with friendly teaching.
Twinkle Shah
Dance Fanatic

Modern Jive

The UK’s most popular social partner dance

Modern Jive is an irresistible partner dance based on a fusion of various dance styles, is easy to learn, sociable, and can be enjoyed to a wide range of music with a regular beat. It’s a great way to make friends, have fun and keep fit.

Every week, complete beginners learn to dance with us. There is no need to bring a partner, you get to meet, interact and dance with everyone else in the room.

Modern Jive can be enjoyed by all age groups with experienced dance crew on hand to guide, encourage, and develop your dance journey.

"Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching"

Satchel Paige


What We Offer

A range of great classes, workshops & music for beginners & experienced dancers alike

Dance Classes

Dance Classes

Dedicated Class nights take place on a weekly basis and provide a range of lessons suitable for absolute beginners to experienced dancers. New dancers are welcome and are supported by experienced crew. Guest teachers are also invited on a regular basis.

Dance Workshops

Dance Workshops

We provide a range of workshops across all ability levels, from absolute beginner through to advanced and specialist sessions. Workshops are held at weekends with sessions being 4-5 hours duration and led by a qualified teacher.

Dance Events

Dance Events

Freestyle events take place on an occasional basis throughout the year, with experienced DJ's to play great music. Its a chance to dress to impress and dance the night away. Freestyle time is also included following all classes on a class night.

Dynamic Music

Dynamic Music

An extensive playlist of music ranging from modern pop & current charts, including some swing, blues and dance remixes is provided throughout our events. We like to hear your feedback on music including favourite tracks so we can play something for everyone.

Raising awareness of Modern Jive and promoting this great style of social dance.