Learn to dance with JivePlay

JivePlay is a dance organisation running Modern Jive events in Worthing

Modern Jive

The UK’s most popular social partner dance

Modern Jive is an irresistible social partner dance based on a fusion of modern dance styles, is easy to learn, and can be enjoyed to a wide range of music with a regular beat. It’s enjoyed by all age groups and is a great way to make new friends, have fun and keep fit.

Every week, complete beginners learn to dance with us. There is no need to bring a partner, you get to meet, interact and dance with everyone else in the room. Experienced dance crew on hand to guide, encourage, and develop your dance journey.

"Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching"

Satchel Paige

What we offer

We run dance classes, workshops and freestyle events.


Learn Modern Jive

Modern Jive is a dynamic, fun, social partner dance, which is easy to learn, and can be enjoyed to a wide variety of music.

Dance Classes & Workshops

Dancers of all abilities ranging from absolute beginner to experienced are catered for within our wide range of classes and workshops.

Great Dance Music

An extensive playlist is provided throughout our events ranging from modern, house & current charts, through to swing, blues and RnB.
Join like minded people and have fun - Learning to dance could be one of the best things you ever do!

JivePlay Evening

JivePlay Welcome Video

Learn Something Fun

An easy to learn activity with many benefits

Friendly People, Teachers & Crew

Experienced teachers and crew on hand to support your learning in a relaxed, safe and fun way.

Great Value for Money

A whole evening out for the cost of just £7, and enables you to learn a skill that will last you a lifetime.

Fantastic Venue & Dance Floor

Davison CE High School with its beautiful dance floor, a great social environment.

Get those dancing shoes on!

Even if you have two left feet, anyone can learn and enjoy this form of amazing dance.

Lessons for all abilities

From absolute beginners to experienced dancers, JivePlay provides a wide range of lessons for all.

Puts a smile on your face

Dancing gives you a natural high, it gets the blood flowing and helps you keep fit.

Modern Jive with JivePlay - The next best thing to Strictly!

Modern Jive can be enjoyed by all age groups


Learn to Dance

Develop a new skill where you will have fun and enjoy for a lifetime!

Make New Friends

Get to know a great range of people all with their shared love of dancing!

Value for Money

A fun evening of classes and social dancing for less than a price of a cinema ticket!


Come and learn to dance today!